Metro Nigeria: Herdsman Gruesomely Beheaded in Ekiti State



The gruesome murder of a 26 year-old herdsman in Ekiti state has left residents of Omu town in Oye LGA shocked.

Ahmed Dele was out to feed his cattle on Monday when he became prey to blood thirsty persons, suspected to be ritualists.

According to News24, he was pursued by his assailants while on grazing expedition before they caught up with him some few kilometers away from the town where he was killed and his head removed.

His lifeless body was found in the bush 2km away from the village around 4:30 am.

The incident has caused other herdsmen to be fearful of going out.

Idris Salaudeen, the Secretary of Jamunati Fulbe Association of Nigeria, Ekiti State Chapter, which Dele belonged, was visibly shaken by the death.

"This is a very sad, frightening development considering what the country is going through in terms of insecurity.

“There has been a lot of misconceptions and negative report about the activities of Fulani herdsmen in recent time.

"But I want to tell you that we are peace loving people and we have been living peacefully with our various host communities in Ekiti State," Salaudeen said.

News 24


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