Metro Nigerian Military Kills 600 Boko Haram Militants



Nigeria - According to a DAILY TRUST report, the Nigerian military has intensified the battle against Boko Haram terrorists.

Over 600 militants has been killed in the past month, PR-Nigeria, media consultants to the security sector said yesterday.

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PR-Nigeria said even as there was little information flowing from the military about their ongoing operations against terrorism in the North-eastern parts of the country, several sources had confirmed that over 600 terrorists must have been killed in the last one month.

“While the terrorists have engaged in guerrilla tactics of using vulnerable girls and young men for suicide attacks on soft targets, we ensure that their fighters do not escape as they continue to meet their waterloos in the hand of the troops.” a top security officer was quoted as saying.

The source added that since the emergence of new administration of President Muhammadu Buhari no single territory in Nigeria is being occupied or proclaimed by the terrorists as their ‘Caliphate’ even as their leaders are either being killed, captured or on the run.