Sports Olivier Giroud’s best season in France


Olivier Giroud is a forward who hasn't always shone at the club level. Yes, he has victories in the Champions League and championship on his account, but he often played his best matches being a part of the national team. By the way, today livesoccer results allow you to follow the tricolor team’s matches in a convenient format.

There were some successful seasons in Giroud's career at the club level. For example, in Ligue 1, this was the campaign 2011/12. This was the last year before the arrival of the sheikhs to PSG, so there was an interesting competition in the championship, and many teams had a chance for the title. As a result, it was won by Montpellier, in which Giroud played. The striker himself had a brilliant season, having managed to hit the rivals' goal 21 times. This not only led his team to the coveted title, but also allowed Olivier himself to become the best scorer of the championship.


It’s noteworthy that the forward was already 25 by that time. For a long time he could not reveal himself, but in Montpellier he was able to fully demonstrate his skills and achieve recognition. Unsurprisingly, the next step in his career was a move to London's Arsenal. By the way, today you can follow livesoccer results of this team. It has a busy season ahead, but now it is extremely easy to follow it.

What helped Giroud set such an achievement?​

In general, before the season 2011/12, Olivier could hardly be called an effective striker. However, in that campaign, he made a qualitative step forward and entered the cohort of top forwards. As a result, his club took the leading position in the table Ligue 1. Among the qualities of the striker, which helped him set such an achievement, it is worth noting the following:
  1. Not bad playing on the second floor. Giroud is a fairly tall striker who plays great with his head. That season, he regularly hit the opponents' goal in this way. In addition, he pushed aside opponents with his body, which also gave him certain advantages.
  2. Speed. At the age of 25, Giroud ran well and could complete counterattacks. Unfortunately, over the years, speed has ceased to be one of his main advantages.
  3. Great teamwork with partners like Beland. He regularly provided the striker with cool assists, which he converted into goals.
That season remained for Olivier the most successful in his career. Yes, in Arsenal he was always good, but he didn’t win the title of the main scorer. But in the Ligue 1 table he was really good.
In general, the career of the striker can still be considered successful. Yes, the championship with Montpellier remained the only one for him, but there are many cups won with Arsenal, Chelsea, the French national team on Giroud’s account. He has always been an important playing unit of these teams.