Tinubu; the Maker or the Unmade? by Ajiboye Amos Olakunle


The battle of who would be the next president of Nigeria is almost getting tougher that the tussle between Russia and Ukraine.

Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu one of the major contender and a household name known for scheming and selectively anointing politicians in the South Western region. No doubt, the man is respected and seen as one of the foremost formidable leaders of the APC party as he maintains allies throughout the zones of the country, especially the south west.

In his recent campaigns in Ogun and Oyo State where he met presidential delegates, he took a snide remark at the sitting Governor as he said he made Dapo the governor of Ogun State, Buhari the president of Nigeria and many others who he didn't mention.

Tinubu seems to be so made that he once said he was richer than the whole of Osun state. However, some rumour has it that he sponsors very many gubernatorial elections.

Over the years especially in Lagos and South West region, Tinubu seems to go with the mantra; the kingmaker. However, several claims have been nailing him to why a kingmaker wants to be king?

Tinubu seems to have invested in so many partners to eventually reap his ROI at 2023. With the facts and gestures, it doesn't seem he's getting his ROI yet.

Despite very many allies that Tinubu has in the North, it still seems the North is against his ambition. Part of the reason he claims to have made even the sitting president of the country.

Tinubu seems not to be carried along or left behind. He said it's his time to become Nigeria's president. Probably, Nigeria is now operating a monarchical system of government.

Nigeria is in need of those who can make her and not the individual


by Ajiboye Amos Olakunle