SURE 6 –The Facts Behind Nigeria’s Most Popular FREE Online Game



Heard so much about Sure 6? Here is what it is about

Sure 6
is a brilliantly designed predictive game on the English Premier League (EPL) designed to encourage a spirit of responsible gambling among the populace. It is a product from Nigeria’s premier sports betting institution; Surebet247.

It is based on a very simple premise; each week for 36 weeks; six matches are chosen on a weekly basis and correct predictions of all six scores get the ultimate prize.

Wow!!!!!! That sounds awesome, how does one register?
Here is where it changes from interesting to just awesome; registration and playing Sure 6 are absolutely FREE; no minimum balance or deposits required. To register to play, click on "" or click on the "sure6" icon at

All one needs to do is to click on Join and complete the registration. It’s a quick and easy process.

Ok, now I am interested; what do I stand to win?
The star prize is a mind bending Hyundai Accent. YES, you heard right, a brand new car & YES, it is weekly.

However in the event that nobody gets all six predictions correct, consolation cash prizes of N150, 000, N100, 000 & N50, 000 will be given to the top three predictions who score 20 and above on a weekly basis.

Awesome, how are these scores calculated?
Now for the six games, a punter gets 2 points for correctly predicting the result of a game and a correct prediction of both the result and the score line nets a punter the maximum 5 points score.

For example, if a punter like Charles picks Arsenal to defeat Chelsea by 2-0 and Arsenal only win 1-0, Charles will receive 2 points for correctly predicting the result: an Arsenal win.

In the event that he correctly predicts the 2-0 win for Arsenal, he will get 5 points for getting the correct result AND correct score line. If this pattern repeats itself for all six matches, he scores the maximum of 30 points and gets to win the star prize.

There is also an option for predicting the minute in which the first goal for the week’s chosen games will be scored (see more information under the Ice Breaker).

And in the event that nobody gets the maximum points for the duration of the season?
Surebet247 in its usual value-adding manner has designated that in the event that nobody gets the maximum 30 points for the entire duration of the season; at the end of the season, the player with the highest point total at the end of the season wins the star prize.

Note: Predictions must be submitted before the kickoff of the first game of the week as advertised on the game site.

What happens when more than one punter gets the highest possible total for the week?
That base has been duly covered. Now,in the event that more than one punter scores the highest point total for the week, a decider tagged the Ice Breaker comes into play.

The Ice Breaker is a tie decider that uses the degree of accuracy for the prediction of the chosen goal minute as a choice maker whenever more than one punter have equal points.

For instance, if two punters; Punters A and B both have 26 points each, the Ice Breaker comes into play. Let’s assume that the first goal of the week is scored in the 20th minute and Punter A predicted the 19th minute while Punter B predicted 14th minute; Punter A will be recorded as the winner due to the closeness of his prediction to the actual goal minute.
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