Tuke Morgan: How Lifestyle Blogging Shapes A Young Female Saxophonist



Adetuke Morgan had an enjoyable childhood – from reading books in her dad's store at an early age to mingling around 44 siblings of her paternal grandma, and acting plays and choreography in church. Tuke Morgan, as she is popularly called is a Saxophonist. She first laid hands on the Saxophone in March 2009 while in her First Year of A Levels at Woldingham School, Surrey. Tuke, also a photographer, on her lifestyle blog, Tuke's Quest documents adventures and experiences in life on her journey of discovery. In this interview, Tuke talks about her art as a Saxophonist, a lifestyle blogger and photographer.

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When did you start playing Saxophone, and what or who were your early passions or influences?

I started playing the Sax in 2009, the first time I blew into a Sax was February 29th of that year. I didn’t want to learn the Sax, I actually wanted to learn the Guitar but my Dad suggested the Sax. I had 2 trial lessons in both instruments and the Sax was my preferred option. I was privileged to go to England in September 2008 for my A-Levels and was shocked and impressed by the wide range of extra-curricular activities available at my school. I decided to fully take advantage of the opportunities that were available at that school and immersed myself in a variety of activities. By the end of the first term I decided I want to learn a Musical Instrument. It was the culture of the school and achievements of my fellow students that ignited a desire to learn a Musical Instrument. My early influences were Pastor Kunle Ajayi, Uncle Sammy, the Saxophonist at my church, Zoe Belbin, my music teacher at school and the other students who played the Sax in the school Jazz Band, Diana Ho & Jane Ho.

What are currently your main artistic challenges?

I am not facing as many challenges as I used to but one aspect I haven’t fully overcome is building a loyal, dedicated, stress-free hard working team (i.e. Band Members, P.A., Photographer, Manager, etc). In terms of Blogging, some Brands still don’t understand the value that Bloggers can bring so don’t always want to compensate appropriately. In general terms, there are always clients who like to price unnecessarily.

How do you see the relationship between sound and performance?

Sound is so key. I have 3 sound engineers I work with so that if one disappoints there is always another one I can call on. It is so important for sound to set up early enough and sound check to be done too so that it’s not at the last minute you’ll be looking for a cord or a jack or extension cable.

Has there been anytime you flopped on stage? Embarrassing moment?

Mehn, there have been a few o! So, I am a classically trained musician, I started playing by Sight reading and doing graded exams and working with sheet music. When I got to Uni, I started playing in a Pentecostal Church and that was a very different experience. I had to play by ear, I had to be able to switch keys on demand, I had to improvise and play songs I had never even heard before. For the first year, I was a shy & reserved saxophonist who would turn her Sax away from the Mic when I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I look back now and I’m grateful for that time as my music playing ability greatly improved in a short period of time as I forced to step my game up. In recent times, I haven’t really flopped but there are many events where things have gone wrong e.g. the sound guy coming late so I had to play without sound/amplification or my mic dropping while I’m dancing around so I have to pause, bend down and pick it up. There is always something to be learnt from situations that aren’t ideal so I always like to look for the lesson in the negative experience.

What has been the high point so far?

There have been quite a number of high points e.g. playing on the Altar at Redemption Camp, playing in front of Pastor E.A. Adeboye, playing at an Old Boy’s meeting in the Vice President, Professor Osinbajo’s house, playing at an event organized by a Blog I look up to, Bella Naija, playing with a musician and pastor I respect whose music I love, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey. In terms of the Blog, being recognized by an International Make up Brand as a Lifestyle Influencer was very flattering. Winning an International Food Photography award brought me great joy too and I know this is only the beginning.

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What are your musical goals?

I want to leave a legacy, I want to inspire young Nigerians, young musicians and females who work in male dominated industries. I want to be an International Brand, like Fela and Asa. I want to play before Kings and Presidents in different countries and the world. I want people to give their life to Christ when I play. I want people to look at my life’s journey and know that anything is possible, no matter how late you start.

You are also a lifestyle blogger, photographer, Model. How do you blend them into a whole?

So I don’t even think I have activated the modelling bit, I want to star in International Campaigns for Global Brands and that hasn’t happened yet. Currently, I combine being a Saxophonist, Lifestyle Blogger, Food Photographer & Occasional Social Media Consultant. I have acted, done voice overs and created content for various brands in the past but don’t actively do that as much anymore. I like activity, I like having goals to achieve, I like being involved in different things so it is my lifestyle to not just stick to one type of work. All the things I do are necessary. When I get tired or frustrated or bored of doing one thing I can move to another and then go back e.g. In one day, I can edit food photographs for 2 restaurants, practice sax, write a post and have a shoot. There are 24 hours in a day and I tend to be active for about 15 of them. I really don’t like monotonous work so my love for variety allows me blend everything together.

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