Metro A day in the life of Nigeria’s President, By Tolu Ogunlesi


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The President wakes up. He slept very late last night. It is in the nature of the calling – a series of late-night meetings that stretch well into the next day. Last night there was the one with the two friendly state governors, who brought a list of allegedly disloyal ministers. After that the party executives, who wanted to discuss the forthcoming governorship election in one of those troubled states.

What state, by the way, isn’t a troubled one in this country, when you think of Ebola and Boko Haram and marauding herdsmen? Not to talk of politicians themselves and their endless wahala.

Speaking of Ebola, it was the issue on the table for the President’s third late-night meeting. But it was a boring meeting; full of confusing numbers and epidemiological jargon. It reminded the President of the time when he had to make a living teaching; teaching students who had no desire to learn, in a University that had no desire to stay open. The humdrum-ness of it all still sometimes produces a sinking feeling in his stomach. Years of waking up, praying the Datsun Bluebird would start without fuss. It now seems like that life was lived on another planet.

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